The Dean introduced me at Commencement that year by saying "I know Margaret
Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine, and Maria Judge is tougher than
Margaret Thatcher."

I thought to myself
That's a great line, I'm going to find a way to use it.

Four months later Margaret Thatcher came to campus to deliver a lecture and I met her
in the receiving line and had a picture taken with her.

Two months after that I had begun to assemble this exhibit and was trying to come up
with a name for it.
I wanted to include something about being toxic and tattooed, but was
struggling with what to use next--I wanted to use that allierative "t" in the title. I was
looking at this picture one day, and suddenly it all came together.

I wrote to Lady Thatcher to tell her that she inspired me to persevere, and got an answer
back from her office, thanking me.
How the Exhibit Got its Name
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