Post Treatment
40.  Reiki is a form of hand-on energy healing
for stress and pain relief, which has been
known to produce healing effects on all levels:
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  It is a
2,500 year old healing practice that originated in
Tibet and came to the United States by way of
Tibet. It came to me by way of Nancy Pressler, a
nurse in the recovery room at Mt. Auburn
Hospital, who did reiki on me after surgery.  I
found it so helpful that I continued regular
41.  I also used herbs to build up my immune
system, keep my veins strong, protect my liver, lungs,
and adrenal system, reduce inflammation, and the
stinging nettles even helped with hair growth!
42.  Dick Shultz and Bob Pfaltzgraff, friends from work,
took me to lunch at Ristorante Marino in North
Cambridge the day before my first chemo.  I wasn’t
hungry but Bob insisted on sharing his pizza with me.  
Later, when he found out how well I tolerated the
chemo, he claimed it was the pizza that did the trick.  I
wasn’t totally convinced, but not wanting to tempt the
fates, I ate Marino’s pizza before each subsequent
dose of chemo.  I never once got nauseous.
43.  A few weeks after our first “pre-chemo
pizza”, my health-related junk mail brought me
this tidbit of medical wisdom, which made me
think that perhaps I could have been preventing
cancer all along by eating more pizza