Derick the Dynamo

I did a book signing at my nail salon. My manicurist’s son Derick takes an interest in my project
and I quickly discover that he is a veritable Professor Harold Hill of the book business. He sells a
book to every customer who walks through the door. I don’t even make the first move because
he’s on them before they’ve settled into their seats. He even makes $10 in tips from the people
who bought the book.
He tells me we need an “Open” sign and I point to the
one in the window and he says “no, that’s the sign for
the salon, we need one for the bookstore,” so he
make a sign that says “open book store” on one side
and “close book store” on the other. He looks at the
picture (from my exhibit) of Dolly Parton wearing one
of her trademark big blonde wigs and says, “She
looks like Hanna Montana’s mother.” He asks me
“Can you sing karaoke? Do you know Hit Me Baby
One More Time?” I ask him “Do you know any songs
from The Wizard of Oz?” He doesn’t. He remembers
that I came in last week when I was out walking with
Emily, my 4 year-old neighbor, and asks when I will
bring my
granddaughter in again.
How old is this whiz kid? Six years old.
He’s in the first grade. I’m taking him to
all my books signings from now on.